About Shaun Ayala

Shaun is an Award Winning Snapchat storyteller, widely recognized for his interactive and engaging snapchat games. Yes games! Starring characters like Pac-Man, Donkey Kong and Zombies from the Walking Dead. He has partnered with and created these interactive snapchat stories for many popular brands including FOX, Paramount Pictures and so many more. Shaun was also featured in New York Magazine and was recognized as a Snapchat Star AND one of the top 101 Snapchat accounts you should follow.

Shaun loves to talk Snapchat Strategy and Tips on how to use Snapchat effectively. His primary focus is teaching and sharing tips on how to grow and engage a following by being a storyteller using the platform. Shaun has spoken at Social Media Marketing World, NABSHOW and more. To learn more about Shaun’s, read below.

ONE SHEET about Shaun’s work

– The Snapchatters Podcast – 1/11/16
          Episode 5 – Shaun Ayala Click here to listen
– Social Media Social Hour with Tyler Anderson – 3/24/16
          Hacks and Tricks with Shaun Ayala Click here to listen

Snapchat Interview
– House of Snaps – Interview on Snapchat Click here to watch
– Morning Social Media Marketing TALK from @smexaminer – 4/1/16 Click here to watch
– Talking Snap with Mark Kaye – Interview on Snapchat – 5/6/16 – VIDEO COMING SOON
– Joel Comm – WEEK #3 – Snapchat: Expert Interviews And Open Floor Q&A – 10/10/16
– Morning Social Media Marketing TALK from @smexaminer – 9/30/16
– Social Media Examiner Social Media Talk Show from @smexaminer – 3/17/17 Click here to watch

Youtube Interview

– Tutvid – How to Get More Followers on Snapchat & Other Tips! – 2/10/16 Click here to watch

Past and Upcoming Speaking Events
– SXSW/SnapXSW – 3/14/16
          Snapchat for Business Click here
– Social Media Marketing World 2016 – 4/18/16
          Snapchat Marketing: How Businesses are Connecting With
Millennials: A Panel Discussion
  Click here
          Also lead a Table Talks on Snapchat 4/18 and 4/19
– NABSHOW – 4/20/16
          The SnapChat Story – Reaching Your Audience on the Hottest New
Link 1 Link 2
– Creative Live – 9/8/16
          Featured in Grow Your Audience with Snapchat with Joel Comm Click here
– Snaphappen – 9/22/16
          Planel Leader Click here
– Social Media Success Summit – 10/13/16
         How to Tell Great Stories With Snapchat: Tips and Tools Click here
– Social Media Marketing Society – 2/21/17
How to Tell Great Stories With Snapchat: Tips and Tools Click here
– Digital Summit 
– 2/23/17
        Effective Snapchat Storytelling Strategies Click here
 – 3/11/17
Snapchat for Business: Working With Influencers Click here
– 3/12/17
 Snapchat for Business: Working With Influencers Click here Click here
– Social Media Marketing World 2017 –
Snapchat Storytelling: How to Engage and Grow an Audience Click here
          Also leading Table Talks on Snapchat 
– Hispanicize 2017 – 4/4/17
Snapchat Storytelling
– NABSHOW – 4/26/17
          A Deeper Dive into Snapchat and Brands Click here

Snapchat Takeover Features

– Fox – 14 Week Takeover
– San Diego Zoo – Takeover 5/28/16
– Paramount Pictures – MissionMovies for Mission Impossible Movie
– SoulPancake
– MLS feature
– Mashable
– Pacific Sales
– Pacific Park – Takeover
– The11thSecond
– Snap.code
– Gary Vee was the first person to takeover my account 4/12/16
– NFL Chargers – Takeover 8/2/16, 8/14/16, 9/9/16
– Pretty Little Liars 7/19/16
– Lexus – Takeover 9/2/16
– GhostCodes presents 31 days of Ghost Stories – 10/24/16
– NBC Sports 10/7/16

Blog – Contributor

Tecla Awards – Nominated/Finalist for Snapchat Storyteller of the Year 2016 – 3/14/16
Tecla Awards – Winner of the Snapchat Storyteller of the Year 2016 – 4/7/16
– Ghostie Awards – Nominated for Snapchat Storyteller of the Year 2016 – 9/1/16


– NY Magazine – 4/27/16
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– HomeSnap – 5/4/16
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– Sports Illustrated – 9/3/16
          How One Snapchat Artist Partnered With The San Diego Chargers Click here to Read

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