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Let’s talk Kitchen & Bath.

Shaun is a seasoned Kitchen & Bath Marketer with over a decade of experience in the industry. His goal is to identify opportunities to collaborate and share his knowledge and expertise to help others in the community achieve their design vision. By leveraging his experience, Shaun aims to support and empower those within the Kitchen & Bath Industry.

K&B Update Series

Shaun Ayala created the “K&B Update”, a weekly podcast and article series designed to provide insights and updates on the ever-evolving Kitchen & Bath Industry. The Kitchen & Bath Industry is a $162 million dollar industry and the K&B Update offers valuable information to help you stay informed and navigate the changes within this dynamic category through engaging conversations with Shaun.

Shaun Ayala 20 Years in Blue Podcast

20 Years in Blue Series

Shaun Ayala shares his career journey from retail to corporate in the hopes of helping others navigate their own careers. With over 20 years of experience in retail and marketing, Shaun presents “20 Years in Blue,” a podcast series that documents his experiences, lessons learned, and reflections. Through this series, listeners can gain insights and inspiration to help guide their own career paths.

Design Expressions Podcast

Welcome to Design Expressions presented by Pacific Sales and JennAir Luxury Appliances, a podcast about incredible interiors, experiential exteriors and everything in between. Inspired by those crafting exquisite spaces for those who seek them. Hosted by Shaun Ayala snd Fernando Marfil.

Kitchen & Bath Insider

Welcome to “The Kitchen & Bath Insider“ I’m Shaun Ayala, this is your one stop shop for curated Kitchen & Bath latest releases, stories behind the design and must see product offerings to consider for your next Kitchen, Bath, laundry, outdoor or total home project.