Event Marketing for Beginners: 3 Tips for Building Trust and a Loyal Audience

Photo by Eddie Venegas

Event marketing goes beyond just planning events. It’s about creating an engaged and loyal audience before you invite them to any of your events. This guide will show you how to start event marketing right, even before your event happens. Learn how to gain people’s trust, connect with them, and get them excited about what you have to offer.

1. Start with your Customer List: Grab Their Interest
You have to have a list of people to market to. Begin by getting people to join your customer list. Give them a good reason to sign up for emails, texts or follow you on your social media channels. Create and share content that helps them with their problems or goals. Inspire or entertain them, focus on how they can benefit from you. Creating relatable content to catch their attention will make you trust worthier and knowledgeable. Make sure your message speaks to what they care about.

2. Be Patient and Smart: Find Your Unique Selling Point
Growing your customer list takes time. Know your target audience and talk to them. For example, by connecting with your audience in real life or on social media, you get an opportunity to listen to what they need, understand what their pain points are or learn what gap needs to be filled in your space. Doing this allows you to create a strategy that will be meaningful and purposeful.

3. Make Real Connections: Build Relationships
Build real relationships with your audience. Talk to them on social media, reply to their messages, and join conversations. Connect with them in real live, participate in local organization events, chapter meetings etc. When they see you as a “regular” and a person who support their events/causes, they’ll trust you more and be excited about doing business with you, ultimately learning about you and what you can offer. Leading to a follow or sign up to your brands information in the future.

To end, event marketing starts before your event begins. Following these steps will help you build trust and an audience. By connecting with your audience and finding your unique angle, you’ll create a group of loyal followers who will be excited to attend an event you will create in the future. Get ready to build strong relationships and set the stage for successful events that people will be excited to attend in the future.

Shaun Ayala

Kitchen & Bath Marketer – Pacific Sales/ Best Buy