5 Laundry Innovations to Consider For Your Next Project

Appliance brands who are in the laundry space continues to innovate their product to be much more personalized than ever before helping customer to solve problems and find efficiantcy in ways they never thought was possible. There have been a ton of laundry innovation in recent years, this episode is to give you insight on 5 laundry innovations to keep in mind when specifying product for a future laundry project. Let’s jump right in:

  1. I’ve talk about this one in a dedicated podcast in the past but the GE Profile Combo stands out as a game-changer for builders and interior designers. This 2-in-1 washer-dryer not only brings versatility to a space you are creating but it also allows for space optimization. Imagine creating a laundry space in an unconventional area like a master bedroom’s closet, a basement spare room or even the garage. This all-in-one unit not only saves space but it also reduces energy consumption, making it a sustainable choice for modern living.
  2. For clients with furry companions, Maytag’s Pet Pro Top Load Washer offers a solution that goes beyond the ordinary. This innovative appliance, designed specifically for pet owners, removes 5x more pet hair from their wash with the Pet Pro Filter according to Maytag. So again, if your client is a pet owner, this is a solution to consider specifying. It also has a built-in faucet that makes this washer a versatile choice for various laundry needs. No need for a separate sink and faucet area!
  3. Whirlpool’s Top Load Washer with 2-in-1 Removable Agitator takes customization to a new level. This innovation allows your clients to remove the agitator out of the machine, providing more space for bulky items. There is also a built-in faucet that allows for convenient stain pretreatment right inside the washer so no need for a separate sink and faucet area. This innovation is not just about cleanliness; it’s about offering personalized, efficient washing experiences.
  4. LG’s WashTower is a visual testament to the merging of design and convenience. It’s a full-size unit that occupies half the space of a stacked laundry pair, this single-unit is a dream for both builders and interior designers because you can have more space dedicated to other design elements. There is a shared central control panel that brings the washer and dryer controls within easy reach for your clients.
  5. Imagine a laundry room that helps your client’s save money on detergent and fabric softener. Did you know It isn’t necessary to add detergent and fabric softener to the fill line for every wash? Samsung’s automatic dispenser technology helps your clients determine how much detergent and fabric softener is needed when doing a wash. This helps them save time and money! The automatic dispenser ensures that your clients no longer need to worry about adding detergent and softener before each wash cycle. This offers a seamless and hands-free laundry experience every time.

There are many laundry innovations that are becoming much more personalized for the needs of our client’s than ever before. As trade professionals, embracing these innovations can set your projects apart, offering clients not just functionality but an inspired way of living. Consider these innovative solutions when specifying for your next laundry room project and witness the transformation of a mundane space into a stylish, efficient area for your clients. This is personalization at its best!

Shaun Ayala

Kitchen & Bath Marketer – Pacific Sales/ Best Buy