7 KBIS 2024 Kitchen & Bath Booths I Can’t wait to Experience

I figured I give you my LUCKY 7 booths I’m excited to see at this year’ at’s KBIS 2024 taking place at the Las Vegas Convention Center Feb 27 – 29! To start, I am know stranger when it comes to the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show, I attend every year and I’ve spoken at KBIS in their Voices of the Industry track for the last 4 years. As KBIS 2024 approaches, I am eagerly anticipating the opportunity to connect with my industry peers and explore the latest innovations in kitchen and bath design. One aspect of the event that I am particularly excited about is visiting the various booths, where vendors showcase their cutting-edge products and immersive experiences. Here are SEVEN, lucky 7, of the booths and brands that I am looking forward to seeing at KBIS 2024:

  1. KOHLER (Booth #N2205): Kohler, year after year always put on a incredible show and amazing booth! Last year, they won the Best of Show Booth Award! So you can always count on Kohler to give you their best. This year based on the info I’ve seen, we will be able discover their newest innovations in connectivity and sustainable design. We will also be ale to hear from visionary collaborators and explore their latest offerings so this is a booth I’m definitely looking forward too.
    You can find the Kohler booth at #N2205
  2. GE APPLIANCES (Booth #W2317): The last few years, GE comes to lead in design and innovation, last year they won the Best Booth Large award for Cafe Appliances, and this year, based on the info I’ve seen, they are introducing The Design District booth where we will be able to explore inspiring designs featuring innovative new product offerings from GE, GE Profile, Cafe, luxury appliance brand Monogram, and more.
    You can find the GE Appliances booth at #W2317
  3. TOTO (Booth #N2739): Toto is another brand that doesn’t disappoint, This year, based on the info I’ve seen, we will be able to experience TOTO’s smart bathroom innovations and engage with their new experiential booth design focused on sustainability and luxury bathroom experiences.
    You can find the TOTO booth at #N2739
  4. House of Rohl (Booth #N2527): House of Rohl, in the past creates memorable experiences leveraging color, product, and creativity, This year, based on the info I’ve seen, we will get inspired for a Life Well Crafted with new luxury collections from House of Rohl, including Victoria + Albert® Cravings color stories and the Southbank™ Collection from Perrin & Rowe®.
    You can find the House of Rohl booth at #N2527
  5. MOEN (Booth #N2605): I don’t recall visiting Moen in the past, so this will be my first time this year looking to visit their booth, This year, based on the info I’ve seen, we will be able to explore Moen’s leadership in kitchen, bath, and smart water solutions, they will be featuring beautiful forms and intelligent functions that elevate everyday experiences with water. So, I can’t wait to explore and see what this is all about!
    You can find the MOEN booth at #N2605
  6. THOR (Booth #W1665): Thor’s tag line is Cook Like A God! Very bold …. I think its clever …. I had an opportunity to experience their booth last year and it was all product base. So this year, based on the info I’ve seen, they have on going cooking demonstration taking place in their booth, and I’m sure we will be able to see all their product, their goal will be to show us how we can elevate our culinary game with THOR Kitchen’s professional appliances, because they are crafted in sleek stainless steel and packed with features for unrivaled power and performance.
    You can find the THOR booth at #W1665
  7. Miele (Booth #W2401): Miele takes you on an experience, from coffee to cooling and more. Miele is a booth you do not want to miss. This year, based on the info I’ve seen, Miele is celebrating their 125th Anniversary, their booth will give us an experience of the past, present, and future of the brand with a collection of current and new products on display. I’m excited to experience Miele.
    You can find the Miele booth at #W2401

I want to know what you are excited for this year!! So please tag me on social @ShaunAyala. If you will be attending this year, get ready for all the walking, if you are not, look out for all the photos and videos everyone will be posting on social media, I will try and document at much as I can! so the end, I can’t wait to explore all of these booths and discover the latest trends and innovations shaping the future of kitchen and bath design. I hope to see you at KBIS 2024!

Shaun Ayala

Kitchen & Bath Marketer – Pacific Sales / Best Buy