Discover Viking’s New Color Collection: A Palette for Every Project

Color continues to stand out in the appliance industry, Viking is setting a new standard with their stunning new Color Collection. As professionals who shape and transform living spaces, you understand the importance of recommending products that combine functionality, durability, and aesthetic appeal. Viking’s latest offerings provide all that and more, introducing a fresh wave of possibilities for your future projects.

Next-Level Iconic Design

While the classic stainless steel finish of Viking appliances remains a timeless choice, the new designer-curated palette of 18 rich hues offers a fresh take on kitchen elegance. This collection embodies American quiet luxury and bold individualism, allowing you to create spaces that reflect your client’s unique style and personality.

Volume 1: 8 Colors Available Now for Pre-Order

  • Blush: A soft, romantic hue perfect for creating a kitchen that feels warm and inviting.
  • Spiced Cider: Adds a touch of coziness and autumnal charm.
  • Antique Bronze: Brings a sense of historical elegance and refined sophistication.
  • Martini: A sleek and stylish option for a modern kitchen.
  • Onyx: A deep, dramatic black that exudes luxury and class.
  • Cast Black: A classic choice for minimalist designs.
  • Damascus Gray: Offers a neutral yet distinctive tone.
  • Stainless Steel: The timeless standard that pairs with any design.

Volume 2: 6 Colors Coming Soon

  • Nantucket: Evokes the timeless, sophisticated feel of East Coast design.
  • Pure White: A versatile choice that brightens and opens up any space.
  • Daffodil: A vibrant yellow that brings a cheerful, sunny feel to the kitchen.
  • Squall: A deep, stormy blue that adds depth and drama.
  • Valentine: A passionate red that makes a bold statement.
  • Golden Hour: Captures the warm, magical light of sunset.

Why Recommend or even specify Viking’s New Color Collection?

  1. Personalization: Offers you or your clients the opportunity to express a unique style for that kitchen project.
  2. Timeless Appeal: Each hue from Viking is carefully selected to remain stylish and relevant, ensuring long-term satisfaction.
  3. Versatility: Whether your project leans towards modern minimalism or classic elegance, there’s a color to match.

Note: Please be aware that color finishes are not available on all products.

Elevate Your Next Project

Incorporating Viking’s new Color Collection into your designs can transform kitchens into stunning, personalized spaces that stand the test of time. By offering these luxurious and stylish options, you can meet the diverse tastes and preferences of your clients, ensuring their complete satisfaction.

Explore the new Viking Color Collection and elevate your kitchen designs to new heights. Pre-order Volume 1 now and stay tuned for the launch of Volume 2.

Shaun Ayala

Kitchen $ Bath Marketer – Pacific Sales/Best Buy