Induction Cooking: A Modern Twist on an Old Concept

When many of us think of Induction cooktops, we picture that white electric coil cooktop of the 1970s with their bulky and clunky design. However, today’s induction cooking products are nothing like their outdated counterparts. In fact, they offer a range of benefits and innovation that gas ranges simply cannot match.

First and foremost, induction cooking is more efficient than gas cooking. Induction cooktops use an electromagnetic field to heat the cookware directly, rather than the air around it like gas stoves do. This means that heat is transferred directly to the pot or pan, making induction cooking up to 50% faster than gas cooking.

In addition to being faster, induction cooking is also more precise. With induction cooking, you have more control over the heat, as the temperature can be adjusted with great accuracy. This precision can help to prevent overcooking or burning your food, giving you greater control over your cooking.

Another benefit of induction cooking is its safety features. Unlike gas ranges, which can leak gas and cause fires or explosions, induction cooking products only heat up when a compatible pot or pan is placed on the burner. This means that there is less risk of accidental burns or fires.

For kitchen designers, induction cooking products can also provide more flexibility in kitchen design. Because induction stovetops do not require a gas line, they can be installed anywhere, including in apartments or homes without access to natural gas. Additionally, induction stovetops are available in a variety of sizes and shapes, allowing for more creativity in kitchen design.

Here are my final thoughts, induction cooking is a modern twist on an old concept that offers a range of benefits over traditional gas ranges. From increased efficiency and precision to enhanced safety and design flexibility, induction cooking products are a great addition to any kitchen. As a kitchen designer, builder or consumer, it’s worth exploring this innovative technology and considering the benefits it could bring to your next kitchen project.

Shaun Ayala

Kitchen & Bath Marketer – Pacific Sales / Best Buy