Redefining Luxury: A New Perspective for Builders and Interior Designers

In an era of continuous evolution, the concept of luxury has transformed into a dynamic and personalized notion. As a seasoned luxury marketer in the Kitchen & Bath Space, I’ve come to question the traditional definition of luxury and observe how it’s shifting across industries, including our Kitchen & Bath Industry. While brands like Miele, Sub-Zero, and Wolf have long been synonymous with luxury, it’s crucial for Builders and Interior designers to grasp the changing landscape on the evolving meaning of luxury. In this blog post, I will explore how luxury is changing and how brands like Samsung, LG and others are becoming the new face of luxury.

The Ever-Changing Nature of Luxury
Luxury is no longer confined to extravagant price tags and flashy displays of wealth. It has taken on a multidimensional form that is tailored to individual preferences, values, and experiences. The Kitchen & Bath Industry has historically associated luxury with brands that symbolize elegance and distinction. However, the true essence of luxury has transcended these traditional boundaries.

  1. Embracing Connection and Loyalty
    In today’s hyper-connected world, luxury is deeply intertwined with customer connection and loyalty. Brands that understand, engage, and establish emotional connections with their clients through the different products they have within their brand portfolio, is redefining luxury for that consumer. Imaging your first device being a Samsung device and as consumers seek genuine relationships with brands, loyalty becomes the new luxury, setting the stage for a profound shift in the industry. Think about this for a moment, if you are a client who have a Samsung phone, you might have a Samsung watch, which means because you might be embedded in their community, when you become interested in Kitchen Appliance, you might think of Samsung first.
  2. Technology as the New Luxury
    Brands like like Samsung, LG and others have harnessed the power of technology to redefine luxury for a subset of consumers. Their innovative products, designed to simplify and enhance daily lives, resonate with individuals valuing efficiency, convenience, and seamless experiences. As Builders and Interior designers, recognizing the allure of technological advancement is essential in catering to diverse client needs.
  3. Tailoring Experiences
    Luxury is no longer merely about acquiring unique one of a kind products; it’s about creating transformative experiences. In the Kitchen & Bath Industry, crafting bespoke spaces that cater to individual preferences and elevate daily routines defines modern luxury. The ability to tailor designs and concepts that reflect each client’s unique lifestyle is where luxury truly manifests regardless of brand or price.
  4. Shifting Perceptions
    The way we see luxury has shifted from extravagant spending to deliberate choices. Clients now seek products and spaces that align with their values, encompassing sustainability, functionality, and a sense of purpose. The evolving luxury landscape demands Builders and Interior designers to align their offerings with these evolving perspectives.

To end, in my opinion, as Builders and an Interior designers, understanding the evolving meaning of luxury is pivotal to delivering extraordinary experiences to your clients. The traditional association with luxury brands is expanding to encompass emotional connections, technological innovation, personalized experiences, and conscious decisions. Recognizing the changing dynamics empowers you to curate spaces that resonate deeply with clients’ desires, values, and aspirations. By embracing this fresh perspective on luxury, you can elevate your projects to new heights of sophistication and relevance in an ever-evolving industry.

Shaun Ayala
Kitchen & Bath Marketer – Pacific Sales/ Best Buy