Samsung Introduces New Bespoke AI Appliances

As a kitchen appliance specifier, staying ahead of industry trends and offering your clients cutting-edge options is essential. Samsung’s latest Bespoke AI Appliances bring a new level of intelligence, flexibility, and personalization to modern kitchens.

What Does AI Mean for Kitchen Appliances?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in kitchen appliances means enhanced convenience and efficiency through smart technology. AI can learn and adapt to user preferences, provide personalized recommendations, automate routine tasks, and integrate seamlessly with other smart home devices to create a more intuitive and connected kitchen experience.

Now that you know what AL means for kitchen appliances, let’s talk about the specific new and available Samsung Bespoke AI kitchen appliances and go through some benefits, features and also client benefits. There are 4, lets jump in!

1. Bespoke AI Laundry Combo All-in-One Washer + Dryer

Benefit: Streamlined Laundry Experience

  • Feature: Combines washing and drying in one machine, eliminating the need to transfer loads.
  • Client Benefit: Simplifies the laundry process, saves space, and adds convenience, especially in compact living areas.

2. Bespoke Slide-In Induction Range with AI Home

Benefit: Smart Cooking Assistance

  • Feature: Provides personalized recipe recommendations, video recipes, and access to favorite apps via a 7-inch AI Home LCD Display.
  • Client Benefit: Enhances the cooking experience with intuitive technology, making meal preparation easier and more enjoyable.

3. Bespoke 4-Door Flex with AI Family Hub+ & AI Vision Inside

Benefit: Centralized Kitchen Hub

  • Feature: Features an expansive 32-inch LCD display with AI Vision Inside™ for food tracking, recipe suggestions, and entertainment options.
  • Client Benefit: Offers a multifunctional hub that combines food management, entertainment, and smart home integration, perfect for tech-savvy clients looking to modernize their kitchen.

4. Bespoke Microwave with Auto Dimming Glass Touch Controls

Benefit: Advanced Cooking Convenience

  • Feature: Allows remote adjustment of ventilation speed and cooking time through smartphone connectivity.
  • Client Benefit: Adds a layer of convenience with smart control capabilities, ideal for busy homeowners who value efficient and flexible kitchen solutions.

Why Specify Samsung’s Bespoke AI Appliances?

Customization and Flexibility
Samsung’s Bespoke appliances offer customization options that cater to your client’s specific style and functional needs. The ability to personalize the look and functionality of appliances ensures they fit seamlessly into any kitchen design.

Energy Efficiency
These appliances are ENERGY STAR® certified, meaning they are eco-friendly and energy-efficient without compromising performance. This is a significant selling point for clients who are conscious of their environmental footprint.

Smart Integration
With SmartThings integration, clients can control their appliances and other connected devices effortlessly. This creates a cohesive smart home ecosystem that enhances the overall user experience.

Innovative Features
From AI-driven recipe recommendations to advanced food management systems, Samsung’s Bespoke appliances bring the latest in kitchen technology to your projects. These features not only make everyday tasks easier but also add a modern touch to any kitchen design.

Elegant Design
The sleek and modern aesthetics of the Bespoke line elevate the visual appeal of any kitchen. Whether your clients prefer bold colors or timeless neutrals, Samsung offers a palette that can be tailored to match any decor.

To end, by incorporating Samsung’s new Bespoke AI Appliances into your kitchen projects, you provide clients with the latest innovations in smart living. These appliances not only enhance functionality and efficiency but also add a personalized touch to their home.

Shaun Ayala
Kitchen & Bath Marketer – Pacific Sales/Best Buy