Sustainability in Kitchen & Bath Design: 5 Things Professionals Should Know

The demand for sustainable design in the kitchen and bath industry is on the rise, pointing to a greener future for the industry. According to new insights presented in NKBA’s 2024 Sustainability in Kitchen & Bath Design report, interior designers, builders, and other trade professionals play a critical role in accelerating consumers’ awareness and implementation of sustainable practices in their projects. Here are 5 things you should know as professionals in our industry.

1. Educating Yourself and Your Clients

While over half of industry pros believe sustainability is important in their professional work, many admit they don’t feel well-informed about the subject. Staying current on sustainable design practices and products is essential for you to effectively advise clients and guide them towards greener choices.

2. Overcoming Barriers to Adoption

Design professionals often face challenges integrating sustainability into their designs due to factors such as homeowner buy-in, the cost of sustainable solutions, and limited attractive options. It’s essential to address these barriers by educating clients on the benefits of sustainability, such as energy savings, improved health and well-being, and long-term cost savings.

3. Driving Increased Demand

Nearly half of design pros are integrating sustainable solutions more now than they were two years ago, demonstrating a gradual shift towards greener design. By proactively recommending sustainable products and practices, you can help increase demand and accelerate the transition to more sustainable design.

4. Emphasizing the Benefits

Homeowners are increasingly open to sustainable options when they understand the benefits, including energy efficiency and health improvements. By staying informed and sharing insights on the advantages of sustainable design, you can help your clients make more environmentally friendly choices.

5. A Bright Outlook

The future of sustainability in kitchen and bath design looks promising, with demand expected to increase in the next two years. While only a third of designers currently view sustainable design as a “must-have,” most expect that sentiment to shift in the coming years.

As a professional in the kitchen and bath industry, you have the opportunity to be at the forefront of this change. By embracing sustainable practices and educating your clients, you can drive the industry towards a greener future that benefits both the planet and your business.

For more insights, read the full 2024 Sustainability in Kitchen & Bath Design report here.

Shaun Ayala

K&B Marketer – Pacific Sales/Best Buy