Unleashing Culinary Innovation: 5 Reasons Why The All-New Pro Harmony Induction Range from Thermador Redefines Kitchen Design

As an interior designer or home builder, staying informed about the latest innovations in kitchen appliances is crucial for creating exceptional spaces. The All-New Pro Harmony® Induction Range from luxury appliance brand Thermador is revolutionizing the cooking experience, and it’s important for you to understand what sets this product apart from its competitors. In this blog post, we will dive into the 5 remarkable innovations that make the Pro Harmony Induction Range a game-changer, empowering you to create cutting-edge kitchen designs that exceed your clients’ expectations.

  1. Flexible Cooking Zones – Versatility in Motion:

The Pro Harmony Induction Range offers flexible cooking zones that provide unparalleled versatility. With up to three extra-large cooking zones, you can easily accommodate large or elongated cookware. This feature allows for seamless integration of various cooking techniques, enabling your clients to explore their culinary skills without limitations. The freedom to adapt the cooking surface to the size and shape of their cookware enhances both functionality and convenience.

  1. HeatShift® – Power Control on the Move:

One of the standout features of the Pro Harmony Induction Range is HeatShift®, a game-changing innovation that allows for effortless power control. By simply moving the cookware, the power levels automatically adjust, eliminating the need for manual adjustments. This feature is especially useful when transitioning from high-temperature sautéing to low-temperature simmering, providing precise control without interrupting the cooking process.

  1. MoveMode® – Effortless Transfer of Settings:

With the MoveMode® feature, your clients can effortlessly transfer their cooking settings from one zone to another. This is particularly beneficial when juggling multiple creations at the same time. By moving the cookware, the Pro Harmony Induction Range seamlessly transfers the settings, ensuring consistent cooking results. This innovative capability not only saves time but also simplifies the cooking experience, allowing your clients to focus on their culinary artistry.

  1. Full Access® Telescopic Racks – Easy Grip & Easy Access:

The Pro Harmony® Induction Range incorporates Full Access® telescopic racks that enhance convenience and safety. These racks are designed to support even the heaviest dishes and fully extend for easy access. The inclusion of up to three telescopic racks (depending on the model) ensures that your clients can effortlessly handle multiple dishes at the same time, streamlining their cooking process and reducing the risk of accidents or spills.

  1. PowerBoost® – A Powerful Time Saver:

PowerBoost® is a remarkable feature that increases the heating power by up to 50%, allowing for faster cooking times. This innovation is particularly advantageous when boiling water, preparing stocks, or bringing soups to a boil. The accelerated heating saves valuable time in the kitchen, making it a valuable asset for those who appreciate efficiency without compromising on quality.

To end, the All-New Pro Harmony Induction Range from luxury appliance brand Thermador introduces groundbreaking innovations that elevate kitchen designs to new heights. From flexible cooking zones and HeatShift® technology to MoveMode® and Full Access® telescopic racks, every aspect of this appliance is meticulously designed to enhance the cooking experience. By integrating the Pro Harmony Induction Range into your projects, you can provide your clients with cutting-edge technology that revolutionizes their culinary endeavors while adding a touch of sophistication and functionality to their kitchens. Stay ahead of the curve and create exceptional spaces with this exceptional appliance from Thermador.

Shaun Ayala
Kitchen & Bath Marketer – Pacific Sales/ Best Buy