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Marketing to the Generations in the K&B Industry: Understanding and Connecting with Your Target Audience

With economic pressures and uncertainty affecting many businesses as a whole, it is more important than ever for businesses to understand the current living generations and target the customers that are most important for their business. Each generation has unique characteristics, values, and purchasing habits that businesses should stay up to date with in order […]

The Monogram Hearth Oven: More Than Just a Pizza Oven

The Monogram Hearth Oven is the world’s first indoor electric self-ventilating pizza oven, and it stands out from other pizza ovens in a number of ways. If you are debating on whether or not you should consider this for your next project, here are some key features that sets this product apart from the rest: […]

Beyond Price: The Evolving Meaning of Luxury

The follow blog post was inspired by a question from Marc Block CMKBD As a luxury marketer for many years, one thing that I have started to question in recent years is the true definition of luxury. In the Kitchen & Bath Industry, luxury is often associated with brands such as Miele, Sub-Zero, and Wolf, […]

Introducing Bold Kitchen Accents: Café and Kohler Partnership

As an interior designer, you understand the importance of creating a beautiful and functional space for your clients. The kitchen and bathroom are two of the most important rooms in any home, and they deserve special attention when it comes to design. That’s why the Café and Kohler Partnership is such an exciting development in […]

4 Ways Technology is Transforming the Bathroom Experience

The bathroom space is changing, it’s becoming more than a place to take care of personal hygiene. It’s now a space for relaxation and rejuvenation. With the rise of technology, the bathroom has become a hub for innovation, offering new and exciting ways to enhance the overall experience. In this post, we’ll explore how technology […]

Enhance Your Client’s Outdoor Entertaining Experience: 4 Tips for Using Outdoor Kitchen Appliances in Style

There’s nothing quite like creating an outdoor experience that enables your clients or customers to be their best to host in style. Whether they’re cooking up a delicious meal, serving drinks, or just enjoying friends and family outside, the right appliances you spec for their outdoor kitchen can make all the difference. Here are some […]

5 Marketing Tips to Attract the Luxury Customer for your K&B Business

As a business owner within the kitchen and bath industry, attracting luxury customers can be challenging but fruitful if executed correctly. Catering to this market requires a different approach compared to mass-market clients. Luxury clients demand premium quality, personalized attention, and unique designs that showcase their lifestyle and tastes. Here are some tips on how […]